I haven’t been posting a lot on the site lately due to two reasons. One: I created the blog to document for myself and friends trip to Japan back in 2010, and also a place to put pictures that I take at local events so people can view them easily, however I haven’t really touched my SLR since Japan so that idea is redundant. Two: Life, Work, and not going to as many events as I’d like has slowed the amount of new material I can congregate together.

So, as possibly noticed already, the blog will include a lot more content then just pictures and videos taken by myself, but also cool vids and pics I find over the web. Any pictures without the LateShift watermark on them mean the pictures are found on the web, and not taken by myself and are not related to LateShift.com.au in any way. The same goes to any video that has nothing in the video relating to LateShift.com.au

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